Berthoud Trustees Tweak Site Plan Review Process

With adoption of the new Development Code eight months ago, Berthoud’s planning staff says it has been able to work in more a partnership mode with developers in the community. Some subdivisions have taken action to shift their previous approvals and use the current set of regulations, small replat projects have been authorized administratively, andContinue reading “Berthoud Trustees Tweak Site Plan Review Process”

Congressman Polis meets with REALTORS®

Congressman Jared Polis, who will likely represent the people of Larimer County in January when the county becomes part of the 2nd Congressional District, met with the leadership of the Fort Collins Board of Realtors® and the Loveland-Berthoud Association of Realtors®. He said he would cosponsor a bill supported by NAR that would extend debtContinue reading “Congressman Polis meets with REALTORS®”

Trustees Approve Water Agreement

The Board of Trustees solved their top priority when they approved a water agreement with the Little Thompson Water District on Feb. 8. Residents will pay less for water that tastes and smells better than the water coming from the town’s aging and problematic water plant. This should make selling real estate easier too, sinceContinue reading “Trustees Approve Water Agreement”

Town to Get Little Thompson District Water

Town Administrator Mike Hart announced a tentative agreement between the town of Berthoud and the Little Thompson Water District (LTWD) to provide municipal water on a short-term basis (one – two years). 
If the deal goes through, it will give Berthoud time to find a solution to the Town’s water problems, which are thought toContinue reading “Town to Get Little Thompson District Water”