IRES MLS Goes Southwest

Have you seen the beauty of southwestern Colorado lately? From the mountain majesty of Ouray to the expansive mesas of Four Corners, it is breathtaking. We are very proud to announce that® is the new public listing site for the CREN MLS, which serves this beautiful area of our great state. CREN (Colorado Real EstateContinue reading “IRES MLS Goes Southwest”

Hidden Gems in IRESis Contracts

Due to the enormous popularity of the IRESis Contracts system, we thought you might appreciate a few tips to make your contract writing easier. Many agents and offices are surprised to hear about these hidden gems! Agent Templates Save standard wording, field selections and office clauses that you can use on new contracts over andContinue reading “Hidden Gems in IRESis Contracts”

8 Best Practices for Real Estate Photography

1. Great Listings Have… Photos! Once price and location of a real estate listing are determined, the photo becomes the most important piece of information to potential buyers (and many agents, too). What does the property look like? Both agents and online home buyers seek photos of the property before truly considering picking up theContinue reading “8 Best Practices for Real Estate Photography”

Real Estate Photography 101

Real Estate Agents Can Take Better Photos, Really! If it were practical for you to hire a professional photographer every time you needed a good real estate photo, you probably would, with a fantastic result. If you had a DSLR camera and ten years of photography and Photoshop experience, maybe you wouldn’t need to hireContinue reading “Real Estate Photography 101”

Photo Tools For on-the-go Agents

1. Digital Camera Most any digital camera on the market (even point and shoots) are capable of taking a suitable photo for your listing. With proper use, the often under-estimated “point and shoot” camera can be an asset to real estate agents because of its flexibility, portability and availability. Is it as good as aContinue reading “Photo Tools For on-the-go Agents”

How to Take Better Real Estate Photos

1. Timing is Everything! While most agents only have a few moments of the day to snap photos of the exterior of a property, waiting for the most opportune time of day will improve your photo’s overall quality. If you sell a home facing north, consider high noon to snap your photos. Facing east? ShootContinue reading “How to Take Better Real Estate Photos”

How to Market Your Real Estate Photos

1. Order of Photos Just as you might read only the first paragraph of a story, online shoppers may only view the first few photos of your property before they click to the next photo. The exterior, kitchen, bath and bedrooms tend to be the most wanted photo shots of a home, so put ONEContinue reading “How to Market Your Real Estate Photos”

Real Estate Professionals: How To Set Up Your Social Profiles

In the previous article, we discussed how to prove that you are a legitimate real estate agent online through social media and profiles. Regardless of how you choose to represent yourself for your business, your profiles need to exist and be accurate and complete to prove your legitimacy to those who are searching for you.Continue reading “Real Estate Professionals: How To Set Up Your Social Profiles”

Colorado Real Estate Agents: Self Marketing & Building Trust

If you have been in the real estate business for a while, perhaps you have figured out how to market yourself to the world: The website, RETS or IDX feed, blog, online content management system, newsletter and/or several mailings, banner ads, sponsored listings, the business cards, signs, park benches, bus stops, decorated cars and byContinue reading “Colorado Real Estate Agents: Self Marketing & Building Trust”

Are You a Trustworthy Agent?

How Lead Generation Begins “Does anyone have a great real estate agent to recommend?” John asks at the weekend BBQ. Four people reply to John and he writes down the names of four local agents. But, John doesn’t call any of the four. Where’s The Trust? Would you trust a stranger with $1? Maybe. WhatContinue reading “Are You a Trustworthy Agent?”