IRES Launches New Customer Support Solution

As of April 26th, 2023, IRES has added Zendesk to our suite of tools to communicate better with YOU.  Whether that is reaching out via chat or submitting feedback, Zendesk will help streamline getting you back to business, faster.

What does this mean for you?

You can still reach us all the ways you are used to. Adding Zendesk means chat, feedback, and even emails are getting an upgrade. Off-hours questions? Our new chat bot will navigate you through common troubleshooting solutions, and notify IRES staff to reach out as soon as we are back in office if you need further assistance.  Reaching out via social media? Zendesk will notify us! Have feedback? Our whole team gets notified, and your communications are housed in one place on the Zendesk dashboard so we can always pick up right where you left off. 

Help Center – access step-by-step instructions, videos, and other useful information.

Click the “Follow” button in the Help Center to follow a particular article or an entire section. This will send you an email notification when new articles are added or comments are made to an article.

Feedback – report a problem, suggestion, or question. This process works the same as it always has, but the replies will now come from IRES via a Zendesk email (

Chat / Chatbot – found on each page in the lower right-hand corner. An easy way to instant message a member of the IRES team during regular business hours. Chatbot is a new, automated chat feature available 24/7.

Zendesk Dashboard – “My Support Requests” allows you to view a record of your communications through Zendesk directly from IRESis.


Please know, to access any Zendesk links, you will first need to be logged into IRESis.

Communication through this system will send email notifications from for the following items:

  • Tickets – A ticket is any communication you do with IRES via feedback, chat, support emails (as of May 17th) and in the future, screenshare, and phone calls.
    • Responses to tickets
    • Ticket Status Changes
  • Replies to comments on Help Center articles.
  • Summary of any Chat conversations
  • Customer satisfaction survey emailed 24hrs after a ticket has been resolved

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