Carts Manager & My Listings

Manage your listings quickly and efficiently with the Carts Manager and My Listings tools inside IRESis.

General Features for Both Carts Manager & My Listings

Mobile friendly for real estate professionals on the go with laptops, tables and phones.

  • Larger fonts, buttons and click targets
  • Responsive layout and better alignment of data inside each portion of the app
  • Scrollable list views on phones (just swipe either way to see the whole view)
  • Configurable list view

Color coding by status across all views for easy way-finding.

  • Red = sold
  • Orange = pending
  • Green = active
  • Purple = coming soon
  • Gray = withdrawn, expired


  • Multiple views for data: card, list, and map views
  • Popular data points, highlighted in a way you can quickly digest information without working too hard.
  • Sortable, filterable, shareable, and manageable

Card View

Quickly view the information you want to see the most: a photo, price, status, type, and other important details based on property type. In addition, you will see the listing date, the last status date and quick feedback on status with color coding.

List View

Do you like the report window’s grid? My Listings and Carts Manager have a more modernized, mobile-friendly, cleaner (with a larger font) and more powerful list view available for you to use!

  • List Configuration Tool allows you to customize the fields you need the most.
    • Access the tool using the gear icon on the far right side of the list.
    • Add or remove the fields you want inside the pop-up window.
    • Order the data using the drag and drop tool on the right side of the pop-up window.
    • Save and compare popular fields in a column and view the data you want to see, the way you want to see it!
  • Copy MLS and Street Addresses using the copy tool (hover over the MLS or Address labels to access it). Bonus tip: sort and filter your listings however you like using the sort and filter tools, then copy the listings you want. The data displaying on the screen is what will be copied to your clipboard.

Map View

Enjoy updated mobile-friendly tools in a mobile-friendly map tool!

View listings

Listings are by default, color coded by status and now, sub-status. The map legend (i) icon on the bottom right will give you more data for sub-status clarification. Map tools are modernized, cleaner with bigger touch targets for your mobile experience, and take up less screen space than before!


  • Street and aerial views available
  • Overlays such as addresses, amenities, census, county lines, flood zone, landmarks, places, school districts, zip codes and more.
  • Display Options (inside the layers menu) allows you to view the listings in your collection by address, price, MLS number or just a dot on the map. You can also change colors of the dots by selecting listing status or listing type to help you determine what type of property exists where on a map.

Go To a specific address or city inside the map to see where properties are in relation to a specific address.

My Listings

My Listings includes all the great tools Carts Manager has, but are specific to the listings you manage. Quickly filter, sort, view, or share any listing you have created with My Listings. You can also directly edit your listings from My Listings. Simply click on the pencil listing and find a quick menu to edit the area you need to update.

Looking for ways to use Carts Manager to improve your business? Learn more here.

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