IRES MLS & Bridge Agreement Management

Member instructions for new Data Access agreements

This document outlines the custom workflow for IRES MLS members to initiate data access agreements with IRESMLS and ShowingTime in Bridge Agreement Management (BAM).
You will need to login to BAM to locate the vendor you would like to initiate a contract with.

  1. Login to
  2. Access your info but clicking your name in the upper right corner then selecting My Info OR by clicking the gear located under your name/photo on the left side of the start screen. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Bridge Agreement Manager under the Resource section. This will log you in to BAM

Please note: The Designated Broker for your office must first login to BAM to allow access to Agents from your office. This allows BAM to assign your Broker as a party to your 4-way agreement. If your Designated Broker has not logged into BAM, you will receive a message letting you know this step must be completed before you can login.

  • If the office has an account with ShowingTime and everyone in that office is paid for by the company, only the DR needs to update the agreement.
  • If each agent in the office has their own account with ShowingTime, they will need to initiate an agreement individually.
  1. Once logged in to BAM, you will land on the Home page. Here you will see lists of approved vendors for each data feed type. Be sure to select the agreement from the correct data feed type list.
  2. Click View All Vendors under the Database Access License Agreement section and locate ShowingTime to initiate an agreement. Click Agree to Terms
  1. Click next to agree to the terms and complete the questionnaire form. Once complete, BAM will send a notification to the other parties in the agreement.
  2. For ShowingTime, enter ShowingTime under Question 2/Active Listings (License2). The
    other questionnaire fields can be completed with NA, if required.

To view your agreements, simply click the Agreements link at the top of the page. Use the Filter option to filter agreements bases on status.

BROKERS – This is where you find waiting agreements from your agents waiting for your approval. To approve a waiting agreement:

  1. Locate the waiting agreement. You can use the search function to search for the agent’s
  2. Click edit and proceed to agree to the terms to approve. There will be a notification sent to the other parties once you have approved.

2 thoughts on “IRES MLS & Bridge Agreement Management

    1. Hi Bruce, IRES supports many different showing services including ShowingTime as seen in this blog post as well as we do still have our IRES Showing System available!

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