New Options for Your Listings Visibility

You Have The Power

New fields will be added for listing entry with our next release.  The new fields address how a listing is displayed on the internet for all MLS listing types.  This gives YOU & your clients control of how a listing is marketed on the internet, without having to contact IRES staff!

As not all of these fields are addressed specifically on the listing contract, best practices should include a conversation with the seller about the impact of each choice on marketing the property prior to entering the listing into the MLS. There is not a blanket right or wrong answer. The default for previously entered listings will be YES, unless modified.

During listing input “Step 3: Miscellaneous Information” there is a new section titled “Internet Marketing.”  This section will have four required Yes or No questions that can be answered on a per-listing-basis.

  1. Display on Internet: Answering “No” would prevent the listing from displaying anywhere outside of IRES MLS and our data share partners. That includes®, syndication and IDX websites. In most cases this would include your own personal and company websites as they are most often powered by IDX. The listing can still be shared to clients directly through the MLS via email or MySite. If this option is selected, all syndication settings will be grayed out automatically.
  2. Display Address: Answering “No” would allow the listing to be displayed on the internet, but not allow display of the property’s address. Many websites use mapping and addresses for their search functionalities, including®. Thus, if “Display Address” is selected to “No,” the listing may not appear at all on those sites.
  3. Allow 3rd Party Comments: Answering “No” limits a website’s ability to allow users to add a comment about the property.
  4. Allow 3rd Party AVMs: When selecting “No” to this question, an AVM, or Automated Valuation Module, are not permitted to be displayed for the listing.

View more information on data feed services here.

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