Congratulations & Best Wishes Juli “JP” Pleitner

Juli “JP” Pleitner, has been the IRES Product Manager for the past 4 years. She is stepping into a new and exciting role with Lone Wolf.  

During JP’s time at IRES, she has helped update many features and incorporated new value-added services for our subscribers. JP will be missed, but we wish her great success in the next chapter of her career! 

IRES thanks JP for all the positive impacts she has brought during her tenure. We look forward to continuing that tradition, by leveraging your input and feedback to continue to make IRES a better service for you, our subscribers.

One thought on “Congratulations & Best Wishes Juli “JP” Pleitner

  1. Wow! Thank you! I wasn’t expecting this. I love IRES, its subscribers and its staff. I am so sad to leave but know that I have formed lasting relationships. There really is something special about this NoCo family.

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