5 Tools Help You Get Personal with IRES MLS Contacts

When is the last time you contacted your contacts?

Really, when was it?
Do you have a specific time, date and reason you contacted someone in your contact list? If you want to look like you are on top of your game in front of your contacts, wouldn’t it be great to know this? Now you can.

Illustration of collaboration and connection with clients

IRES MLS Contacts makes accountability easy with the following tools:

1. Activity Feed

Know immediately when you sent that collection of listings, which ones and what time. How about what time you sent that hot listing to MySite, even if it was while you were sleeping?

2. Upcoming Events

Did you know that you can track birthdays and anniversaries in IRES? Simply add your contact’s birthday or anniversary in Add/Edit contacts and get notified in time to send that card, make a phone call or text to make your contact feel special. Relationships can be stronger and more personal when you make it so. Now, it’s easy!

Your upcoming events will notify you of birthdays and anniversaries. Keep in mind, that we’re not just talking about wedding anniversaries – maybe the anniversary you track is the day the closed on the house you sold them. Maybe it’s the day you met them. Maybe the sky is the limit and your business just got one more opportunity to be unique and memorable.

3. Alerts

Did your contact’s email have any kind of failure? You’ll know right away on the activity feed! Did they opt-out accidentally? You just created an opportunity to talk to your contact. Help is on the way – from you.

4. Notes

Type a quick note and add a follow-up date to remember any tasks you need to complete for your contact. Time to grab that coffee? Time to follow up with a promise you made? You don’t need to make a mental note, as IRES is there to remind you!

5. Add Ons

If your notes, alerts, events and activity feed aren’t enough touch for your contact, consider

  • Prospect Searches – automatically send listings to your contacts by simply setting up a prospect search.
  • MySite – create a custom website for your contacts and deliver listings for buyers, sellers, investors and “window shoppers”.
  • ePropertyWatch – a way to stay on your clients’ mind long after the transactions are closed.
Image of a contact record in IRES MLS

Need even more ideas or information about IRES MLS contacts? Contact us or visit our learning center inside the IRESis.com.

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