Big News for Contacts Dashboard

Be Proactive with New, Improved Features in the IRESis Contacts Dashboard

The Contacts Dashboard is a one-stop-shop for all things client related! You can add and view contact information, create Prospect searches, view MySite activity, manage contracts, and stay up to date on client interactions.

Refreshed Activity Feed

The new features and updates add even more value to this client relationship hub. While these features were previously available, Upcoming Events & Recent Activity have been refreshed to appear as individual sections. Our newest Dashboard feature is Alerts.

Illustration of the Contacts Dashboard. Stars indicate sections Alerts, Upcoming Events, and Recent Activity.
New Alerts

Alerts display only when there are technical difficulties delivering email sent from within to an email recipient. These Alerts will appear on the top of the Contacts Dashboard Activity Feed for up to 2 weeks. Every Alert will be accompanied by an email error status such as Deferred, Expired, or Bounced.

  • A Deferred tag means there is a delay in sending the message due to an issue with the recipient email server. It could be the inbox is full, or other technical difficulty. The IRESis mail server will attempt to deliver the message about 5 more times before it moves to an Expired status.
  • An Expired tag means that the message has been deferred the maximum number of times and will not attempt any future deliveries of the specific message. This does not impact future emails you send to the client.
  • A Bounced tag means we successfully connected with the email domain server (think “Gmail”) but the email provided can’t be found or doesn’t exist. This could be because of a typo when you entered the email address on the contact record, or the recipient may have deleted the account and created a new one.

In any of these scenarios, the goal is for you to reach out to your client and work through the email issues. Your client will likely not know there is even an issue happening. This is another way to show your dedication to providing your clients with stellar service.

By clicking on the Alert, you can view the Alert details and a snapshot of the email that was sent. This snapshot includes the date and time the original email attempted to send, the message content, and a link directing you to the listings, contracts, draft, report, or business opportunity. Based on the message found inside the question mark icon, you likely need to reach out to your client to correct an email address or let them know that the email was rejected by their mail program. Alerts allow you to proactively reach out to your clients and ensure they are receiving all the information they expect from you.

Email History in Contact Details

We’ve got big news for inside your individual Contact record, too! We’re saving emails you send to individual clients and recording them in a new Email History tab. This email history tab (displays as “History”) includes a record of the most recent 1,000 emails sent to the individual.

Illustration of the Email History tab of Contact Details. The History tab is highlighted.

System emails tracked on the history tab include the same message that will Alert if they fail:

  •® Usage Reports (found in My Listings)
  • MySite Collections (both manually created and auto-generated through Prospects)
  • Listing Links (generated by Prospects with no MySite or manually sent emails from the Report Window)
  • Shared Listing Draft Review Emails (available through Listing Draft)
  • Contracts (available through the Contracts Module)
  • Shared Business Opportunities (found in Non-MLS)

You can sort the history by clicking the header name at the top of each column. You can also use the keyword search to search on Type, Subject (title only), or Status.

Illustration of the sortable headers and keyword search field for the History tab in Contact Details.

Click to view the same details as seen in the Alerts on the Activity Feed for both confirmed sent emails as well as emails that were unable to send successfully.

Illustration of email history snapshot and email log. Also shows a blue existing contact indicator and a gray unsaved email address.

An email address that displays in gray refers to an email that is not associated with a contact; a blue button surrounding an email address indicates an existing contact record in your Contacts Dashboard. Pro Tip! When you see a gray email address, consider creating a new contact record or updating your existing contact record with the new email address.

Be Proactive

Why wait to get a call from your client to tell you, “Where’s that email?” Be proactive! Quickly view and remedy any Alerts immediately.

We hope you enjoy these new features built to help you bring your a-game!

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