2021 Year in Review

Since 1996, IRES MLS has provided MLS services to real estate professionals like you through changing market conditions, technology advancements, and more.  Together, we work hard to build our industry as well as our communities. Your success is our success as we celebrate another year of accomplishment in the unique circumstances the current times have provided.  

Please join us in reflecting on the advancements IRES MLS has made this year to better serve you. Thank you for being an IRES MLS subscriber!

Data Share Expansion

Data Availability

The year started off with the expansion of the REcolorado data exchange agreement to IDX feeds for our brokers to seamlessly include on their websites.


Soon to follow, REALTORS® of Central Colorado (ROCC) joined in the data exchange along with REcolorado and IRES MLS.


We later added REcolorado data to InfoSparks and FastStats effective January 2021.

Expanded Public Portals

September brought in the addition of REcolorado listings on ColoProperty.com® and IRES listings on REcolorado.com.

More Services Included With IRES MLS Benefits

IRES hit a few “first” milestones this year as it was among the first organizations to offer services from the following third party programs. These new relationships add real value for both on market and off market listings. Off Market? How’s that? Read on!


RealX is the first and largest online property rights exchange. It gives land brokers an opportunity to reconnect with past clients to determine if they would be interested in leasing their land for the placement of a variety of uses, from the placement of solar panels or wind turbines to traditional energy exploration or cell towers. In many cases, these leases can provide both public benefit as well as additional income for the landowner.  What a great way to continue to add more worth to the relationships you have with your clients after the sale! IRES MLS was the first MLS organization to partner with RealX.


FloPlan is an easy-to-use floor plan app + software system that gives you the ability to create a floor plan for every one of your listings quickly, easily and affordably and link them to your listings. 

IRES MLS was the first MLS to license and deliver FlōPlan outside of the FBS client market. We licensed the FlōPlan System for a few very important reasons. The most important reason? Rich media like floor plans are an essential piece of listing content, improving the listing for everyone. By licensing the FlōPlan System, we have the power to improve our market and the customer experience.

To date, we’ve added 816 floorplans through FlōPlan!

Homesnap Showings

Homesnap Showings is a new, modern showing management tool that’s included with your Homesnap Pro account, which is provided for you as an IRES subscriber benefit. Listing brokers will enjoy that Homesnap Showings is fast, easy-to-use, and provides them the ability to manage approvals from anywhere. Buyer’s brokers are able to utilize instant bookings and seamless client communication. And, you guessed it, IRES MLS was among the first to activate this feature for our subscribers.

Big Features Big Impact

These next features were long awaited by IRES subscribers. We had great joy in releasing them! The feedback received from our subscribers lets us know you were just as joyful receiving them!

View Draft Listing

Listing Draft Preview allows you to review listing information entered through the Add Listing Wizard, before activating the new MLS listing.  Reminder! This is only available after completing all the required fields on steps 1 through 8 in the Add Listing Wizard.

This layout is a similar display to the new Listing Details View displayed in Carts Manager and My Listings. Draft Listing Preview has all of the fields you’ll see when editing your draft.

Editing your draft is very easy from this display. Clicking on a field label will automatically take you to the field to edit in your draft. For example, clicking on Price takes you to the Price field where you will see it highlighted for quick identification, reference, and editing.

Share Draft

Building on the view draft experience, we next rolled out Share Draft as a collaboration tool for listing brokers and their clients. Sharing a draft allows you to share a listing preview link with your client, which will expire after 24 hours’ time. Your seller may open the link to review the information on their desktop, tablet or mobile device. You may work together to ensure the data is correct before going “live” with your listing.

View MySite Collections No Login

We rounded out 2021 with a new way to view MySite collections without a login! Additionally, we have created a collections page where you can view all the listings from a particular batch directly from the MySite inbox. When viewing the collection without logging in, the features for rating listings or adding notes are not available. It’s very easy to continue to login for full MySite features.

Best Practice Tip:  Brokers should bypass logging directly into their clients’ MySites whenever possible. Be sure to either click the link from the email to view the latest batch of listings or access the client MySite from within your Contacts Dashboard.

System Updates You May Have Missed

We know you’ve been busy. Let’s catch up on some smaller enhancements that may have passed you by! These are all documented in Great Tips (The Archive) under RESOURCES in IRESis.com.

  • Main bed and bath labels display as “Primary”
  • Links to our data share partners roster pages appear in Lookup Users
  • Many new resources available in the Learning Center
  • Has HOA is now available in Listing Search
  • Rosters include balances for Managing Brokers
  • Get to Add a Listing quickly from My Listings
  • Find listing drafts in My Listings and Listing Edit
  • Modernization of different sections of the system (increasing workflow efficiency)
    • Listing Add/Edit
    • System Preferences
    • Non-MLS Search/Add/Edit
    • IRESis Showing Reports
  • Showings Contact Info (step 1) improvements for listing entry
  • 2022 Contracts Integration

We hope you’re as excited as we are about what 2021 brought to your IRES MLS experience. Remember, we LOVE to hear from our customers. Our best updates are born from your ideas! Be sure to share with us!

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