Share Your Draft Listing

“I wish there was a way to share the draft listing with my seller before it goes live”.

– Listing Agent

And, just like that, there was.

Draft Listings

Inside your draft listings interface inside IRESis, you may easily share your draft listing via email.

Simply select your draft listing, inside Add/Edit and click the pencil icon to edit the draft.

Edit a Listing
Once you have reviewed the information you are ready to send, save your draft and enter preview mode.

Preview Mode
Once in preview mode, you have the option to view, save or share your draft. Click on “share draft” to send the preview.

Share Draft
Sharing a draft allows you to share a listing preview link, which will expire after 24 hours’ time.

Have Your Seller Check Their Email
Immediately after clicking on “ok”, your listing will be sent to the email(s) you provided, on behalf of IRES MLS and branded with your name and office. The link will last 24 hours before it is unavailable.

Draft Listing Review
Your seller may open the link to review the information on their desktop, tablet or mobile device. You may work together to ensure the data is correct before going “live”.

Re-Generate Links
If you need to regenerate the link after making another change after the 24 hour period, the old link will expire and the new link will be active.

We hope you enjoy this broker-client tool from IRES MLS. Please contact us with any questions you may have or send us a note through the Feedback button inside

4 thoughts on “Share Your Draft Listing

  1. This upgrade would be a lot better if you could scroll through the pictures. You are only able to view the main picture and this is a problem as the photos are often the only thing about a listing that people look at!

    1. Hi Karen! I am happy to report that we’ve already started working on this. I know you’re eager for this feature and we’re excited to say that it’s coming! Thanks for dropping a comment! We’re always happy to hear from you!

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