IRES Matters | Episode 13

A Mosaic: Lauren Hansen Reflects on an MLS Career

In this very special episode, we sit down with Lauren Hansen to discuss her impactful career in the MLS industry. Topics range from who her greatest mentor was, to what the MLS industry faces going forward, to how being an artist influenced her professional trajectory. Lauren began her path as Executive Officer of the Estes Park Board of Realtors. An early adopter of technology, she went on to become Executive Director of Tri-City Services, Inc. before taking the lead at IRES MLS. Evolving from the days of physical books and ledgers to developing the custom system that is IRES’s current platform, Lauren brings her experience and insight in a discussion you won’t want to miss!

Image of Lauren Hansen overlaid an image of a 4 foot by 13 foot mosaic that took her two years to complete. Title text says "A Mosiaic: Lauren Hansen Reflects an MLS Career."

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