Wow! Listing Draft Review!

You read that right! We’ve added a draft listing REVIEW for our listing brokers!

This is the first step to several new enhancements coming in the near future. We’ll be adding share components in upcoming system updates.

What Is a Draft Listing?

A Draft Listing or an Incomplete Listing is a listing that has not been completely entered and is not published in the MLS. Incomplete listings will be automatically removed from the system 90 days from the most recent save date.

Where Is the New Listing Draft Review?

After completing all the required fields in each step of add listing, you’ll now be taken to preview listing mode.

Which Listings Have the New Review?

All MLS listing types have listing draft review, as well as Mobile/Manufactured without Land postings.

Who Has Access?

At this time, listing draft review is only available for the listing broker. We’re working to expand this as a shareable feature to your seller.

How Does it Work?

On this page you will see all your steps appear as tabs in a header bar at the top of your draft listing. You will see 3 buttons at the top right corner of your screen. The green “View Draft” button will open this Draft Listing Preview.

Draft Listing Tabbed View Showing View Draft, Save Draft, and Create MLS Listing Buttons

This layout is a similar display to the new Listing Details View displayed in Carts Manager and My Listings. Draft Listing Review has all fields you’ll see when editing your draft.

Editing your draft is very easy from this display. Clicking on a field label will automatically take you to the field to edit in your draft. For example, clicking on Price takes you to the Price field where you will see it highlighted for quick identification and reference.

Screenshot of Sample Draft Listing Review highlighting “Draft Review” warning, Price link, and View Draft button.

Once you’ve made your change, clicking View Draft saves your changes and takes you back to Draft Listing Review.

If you are not quite ready to create your new listing, click on the green “Save Draft” button to save your draft. Once you’ve saved your draft, you may navigate to any other area of the system.

If your listing is ready to be created after reviewing your draft listing, you can submit it to the MLS by clicking the gray “Create MLS Listing” button. Your new listing’s MLS number will then appear and the listing will display in the Report Window.


We hope you’re as excited as we are about this latest IRES enhancement. Remember, there’s more to come!

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