Draft Listings on Tap

Where’s my draft listing?
How can I edit my listing?

Short Answer: My Listings.

IRES now features a “Drafts” tab inside of “My Listings” where you can find all of your MLS Listings and now, Draft Listings too!

Edit a Listing

You may also access your draft listings from the

  • “Edit Listing” screen and
  • “Add Listing” screens:

Edit a Listing From My Listings

Did you know that you can edit your listings from My Listings too?
Not only can you edit a listing from the card view, you can now edit a listing from the list view also:

Card View

Card View: Edit your MLS listings and draft listings from the card view of MyListings using the edit control drop down menu.

List View

List View: Edit your MLS listings and draft listings in the list view as well, using the edit menu drop down.

Editable listings will be shown with the pencil icon. Non-editable listings will have the “ban” sign over the pencil. These are listings that are closed and part of the MLS history, so they cannot be edited.

For more information about My Listings, Add and Edit controls, be sure to visit the “help” icon at the top right of the IRES MLS app from any screen. Or, contact IRES MLS.

Thank you for being an IRES MLS Subscriber!

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