FlōPlan News!

Two new things have happened with FlōPlan and we think you’re going to love them: Easier Client Collaboration and Downloadable PDFs!

Collaborator Sign Up Is Getting Simpler

simplified collaborator sign up

Simplified Collaborator Sign Up Process Coming March 6th

We are excited to announce a more simplified collaborator sign-up process. Collaboration is an important feature of FlōPlan that helps you easily fit creating a floor plan into your workflow by delegating the task of scanning. This update makes it quicker and easier for new collaborators to get started scanning with FlōPlan.

What Has Changed?

Previously, an invited collaborator had to work through multiple account set up screens and processes. New collaborators will now have a unique invitation code to use to sign-up with the FlōPlan App. This code will be included in their email invitation and is used when signing up through the “Accept an Invite” button at the app login screen.

Why Did We Make These Changes?

This new feature greatly simplifies the sign-up process for invitees and assists users to take advantage of this valuable collaboration feature. Agents often rely on assistants and photographers to help prepare everything needed for a listing. Having an easy collaboration process is key to facilitating this process.

What else?

  • New collaborators will have a unique invitation code to use to sign-up with FlōPlan. This code will be included in the email invitation and is used when signing up through the “Accept an Invite” button.
  • The invitation email is updated with an accept invite button, which will:
    • Take the user directly to the “Accept an Invite” screen.
    • Pre-fill the user’s email address and pre-fill their unique invitation code in the “Accept an Invite” screen.
    • Once the user has selected their password, they will be logged in to FlōPlan.
  • The user will no longer have a separate step to check their email for the verification link and then return to the app to sign in again.
  • New collaborators will be prompted to download the mobile app once logged in, if they have not already done so.
  • Existing collaborators will be sent a different email invitation when a new agent invites them to collaborate.
  • Invites can now be re-sent.

Floor Plans Can Now Be Downloaded As A PDF

FloPlan PDF-01.png

Available Now in the FlōPlan System! 

You can now download your floor plans in PDF format on the FlōPlan web app! PDF format is ideal if you want to use your floor plan in printed materials or add it to the Documents section of your listing. All of your previous floor plans will also have this option!

Floor Plans by  FlōPlan: Only $12 each

We look forward to helping you get started. The first step is setting up your account. Set up is fast and easy – all you need are your existing MLS credentials! Just download the mobile app to get started!

Learn More About FlōPlan

FlōPlan Prepaid Packages

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