FlōPlan Has Arrived

The FlōPlan® System is now available at IRES MLS!

You now have access to FlōPlan®, the easy, fast and affordable floor plan app. 

Complete floor plans are only $12 each!

You read that right! Through your IRES MLS subscription, you get access to this amazing platform for 1/3 the cost of retail! There are no monthly subscriptions. This is a pay-per-use tool. It’s there when you need it. It’s as simple as that!

We look forward to helping you get started. The first step is setting up your account. Set up is fast and easy – all you need are your existing MLS credentials! Just download the mobile app to get started!

What is The FlōPlan System?

The FlōPlan System is an easy-to-use floor plan app + software system by FBS (a leading provider of industry technology), that gives you the ability to create a floor plan for every one of your listings quickly, easily and affordably and link them to your listings. 

Why floor plans and the FlōPlan System?

We licensed the FlōPlan System for a few very important reasons. The most important? Floor plans are an essential piece of listing content, improving the listing – for everyone. By licensing the FlōPlan System, we have the power to improve our market and the customer experience together.

Import Floor Plans from FlōPlan to IRES MLS Inventory

FlōPlans are imported from the floplan.io app by linking it to your Coming Soon, Active, or Pending listings. Within minutes, your new floor plan is automatically attached to your IRES MLS listing. (Important note: scans can take up to 1 business day to render in the app after a successful upload.)

Find a listing app

Appearance in IRES MLS

Floor plans are important and we know you have more than one option for uploading a floor plan to a listing. Whether you choose to purchase a floorplan from another source and upload it as a document, or use the FlōPlan app, your listing will now be flagged that a floor plan is available on the listing. Look for this indicator the same place where you see that documents and virtual tours are also on the listing.

Floor plan link in report window
Documents tab in IRES

The Magic (The Scans)

Once purchased, the scan is available in several options. From either the website floplan.io (Take note, there is no .com, it’s .io!) or through the FlōPlan app on your phone, you can download the scan as an image, a .pdf (the file used in IRES MLS) or a .svg for the more advanced user.

Plans also come with dimensions and without. Keep in mind, the file imported into your IRES MLS listing will be without dimensions. You can choose to manually import your FlōPlan with dimensions via the Documents upload tool.

Floor plan 1
Sample without Dimensions

Floor plan 2
Sample With Dimensions

Again, to get started, download the FlōPlan mobile app, sign in with your MLS credentials and start scanning those listings! Time to change the game and improve the customer experience in our market with floor plans…ON EVERY LISTING! Let’s rally!

Learn More About FloPlan:

March 22, 2021

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