InfoSparks and FastStats Now Include BOTH IRES and REcolorado Listings

Knowing the market is an important part of serving your clients and complete market data is key, which is why we’re so excited to announce another benefit of our Data Exchange and Integration partnership with REcolorado.   InfoSparks and FastStats now include both IRES and REcolorado listings. 

Easily accessible from “Reports” on, simply click on “InfoSparks Market” to get started.  Explore market statistics tools to analyze activity, create reports, and share data with your sphere. The reports generated from these tools now include both IRES and REcolorado listings, providing a more complete picture of what is happening in the region. 


  • InfoSparks is an interactive tool you can use to share live, static, and embedded charts on your blogs, websites and social media pages. If you already share these reports, note that you need to re-create and re-share the reports and charts to include listings from both MLS sources. 
  • FastStats offers printable market reports for specific areas. Effective for 2021, these reports include both IRES and REcolorado listings. To ensure you are using the most up-to-date reports, be sure to download the newest set of January and February 2021 reports.
  • Note: Listings from IRES and REcolorado are de-duplicated by InfoSparks and FastStats, which means if the same listing is entered into both IRESis and REcolorado Matrix system, it will only be counted once in the market statistics reports. 

Want to Learn More?  We Have a Class for That!  

To learn more and get a refresher on how to share charts and images, take advantage of these Training Resources:  

Here is some additional information and Pro Tips!

  • Sharing market stats is another way to show you’re the market expert. Include market stats reports in listing presentations, share charts on your social media channels, or embed them on your blog or website.
  • InfoSparks and FastStats reports generated from your IRES access will include approximately 10 years of IRES data and 3 years of historical data from REcolorado.
  • Updated FastStats reports are available monthly on approximately the 10th business day.
  • Including InfoSparks and FastStats reports in listing presentations or having them handy as you are viewing homes with your buyers will show you have the expert intel to help your clients make informed decisions on pricing.

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