More on the FlōPlan System: What’s in it for YOU?

In our first message, we announced the FlōPlan® System, the new floorplan scanning app + software we’ll be launching later this month and shared some information about why we chose this exciting product. Today, I’d like to share what that means to you in a bit more detail.  

It’s Easy

The FlōPlan App uses unique mobile phone innovation that makes scanning from your smartphone both simple and fast. On average, scans have a 99% success rate from scan to floor plan and take less than 10 minutes. When we say it’s simple, we mean it – all you need is your smartphone. Best of all, YOU don’t need to do the scan. The FlōPlan App enables you to easily assign the scan to someone else, like your Listing Agent, Assistant, Photographer, team member or even the homeowner. Once the scan is completed by your collaborator, the completed floor plan will be returned to you, the Agent.

It’s Fast

Once you complete and submit a scan, the real magic happens. Between machine-learning, artificial intelligence and the careful oversight of professionals, your scan is transformed into a high quality floor plan in about one business day. If there are any issues they’re easily corrected. 

It’s Affordable

We bet you were waiting for this moment! By licensing this at the MLS level, we buy down the cost for you. Each floor plan costs you only $12 per scanned and processed floor plan. That’s a third of the retail price! Best of all, you’re in control. Once we’re launched, you’ll have your own FlōPlan account. Simply login, enter a payment method and get scanning! 

One phone. One scan. One-touch to link to your listing. One day: delivered + live.

There’s more to come – stay tuned! 

Learn More About FloPlan:

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