Introducing FlōPlan

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with the best technology and business tools, we’re excited to announce the FlōPlan® System, launching next month! 

What is The FlōPlan System?

The FlōPlan System is an easy-to-use floor plan app + software system by FBS (a leading provider of industry technology), that gives you the ability to create a floor plan for every one of your listings quickly, easily and affordably and link them to your listings. 

Why floor plans and the FlōPlan System?

We licensed the FlōPlan System for a few very important reasons. The most important? Floor plans are an essential piece of listing content, improving the listing – for everyone. By licensing the FlōPlan System, we have the power to improve our market and the customer experience together.

  1. Buyers want them: Annual NAR research tells us that Buyers want floor plans, ranking them just beneath photos and property information for value and importance. Floor plans take the guesswork out of the process giving buyers an instant visual of the layout so they can imagine living in it.  
  2. Floor plans sell homes: Floor plans help listings get sold. By providing Buyers with a complete visual of the layout at the right time (while they’re parsing through listings online), they can prioritize which properties they want to tour with better accuracy, minimizing the disappointments and maximizing efficiency. 
  3. Floor plans improve listing content: Floor plans are new media that improves and enriches the listing record and the MLS database.

We need Y-O-U!

We’re looking for early adopters/beta testers to try out the product, provide feedback, and become “brand ambassadors” for this new IRES offering. If you’re interested in this, please visit the IRESis start screen for additional information and the link to sign up for early access.

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