Your Holiday Cheer Gift Basket is Here!

We’ve got quite a gift basket of goodies for you!

REcolorado Documents Now Available on Data Share Listings
Great news! Documents are now available on data share listings with REcolorado. They’ll be listed on the same page and in the same section as you’d find them on IRES MLS listings.

2021 Contracts Available In IRES MLS Contracts Module
You can find these contracts in the IRESis Contracts module. These forms do not take effect until January 1, 2021. Please note: Soon after the 1st, the obsolete forms will be removed from the system.

More Mobile-Friendly Add-Edit Pages
As we continue to make strides in improving the mobility of, we have made some updates to the Add-Edit pages for listing input. These pages are much more responsive! That doesn’t mean we’re fully mobile compatible for listing input, but you should see big improvements on smaller screen sizes.

Withdrawn Listings Update
Withdrawn listings that reach their expiration date in IRES MLS, will expire effective 12/09/2020. Moving forward, as listings in a Withdrawn status reach their expiration date, their status will update to Expired, just as they do now in an Active or Pending status.

  • Why the change? The “Withdrawn” status indicates that the property is no longer on the market, but still has a valid listing contract in place. Once reaching the expiration date, there is no contract in place for the listing. The “Withdrawn” status is no longer applicable; the listing should be updated to expired.
  • How does this impact you? When we make this database update with our upcoming system update next week, a spike in Expired listings will appear on hotsheets. That doesn’t mean all these listings expired at midnight on 12/08/2020; it includes the entire database of listings in a Withdrawn status (250,000+ listings!) going back to the first listings ever generated in the system. So, a listing in a Withdrawn status with an expiration date back in 2012 will show up in an Expired status as of 12/09/2020. This will also impact brokerages with your inventory reports and back-office feeds. You’ll see an influx of your old listings update from withdrawn to expired.

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