It May Be Fall, But We’re Still Seeing Green!

Did you know that IRES was the first MLS in Colorado to go Green in 2011?  Since then, IRES has continued to lead with numerous behind the scenes efforts to improve energy efficiency knowledge and transparency in the industry. This green data creates a ripple effect that touches almost everyone involved in the real estate transaction — from the seller to the broker, and buyer to the lender – even the appraisal community and inspectors. 

Why does this matter?  Homes with green features reduce costs of homeownership, often by hundreds to thousands of dollars per year, improve comfort throughout the home and, frankly, buyers feel good about purchasing a home that is more energy efficient.

A rigorous study released in January of 2018 by Build It Green demonstrated an increased sales price for green homes. This adds merit to numerous studies that reflect the same trend throughout the country. Previous studies show a median sales price increase of 9% (California) to 6% (Austin, Texas). In the IRES market, residential listings with green features have a significantly higher median sales price. In addition, a 2013 Colorado Energy Office study showed that 70% of homes with solar panels had a higher sales price than their non-solar powered counterparts, and 80% had fewer days on market. Simply put, green homes sell for more money, and they sell faster.

Listed below are green fields in IRESis. We encourage you to add each feature, as applicable, to your listing along with proper documentation. Agents and appraisers may utilize the green fields in client searches or for valuation purposes.

  • Home Energy Score
  • HERS Energy Rating
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified New Home
  • LEED for Homes
  • Solar PV (Photovoltaic) – A solar panel that captures light from the sun and converts it into electricity
  • Solar Thermal – Harnesses solar energy for thermal energy (heat).

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