Coming Soon Has Landed

Coming Soon Has LandedComing Soon Listings                                        

In November 2019 NAR approved MLS Policy 8.0 – Clear Cooperation. ¬†IRES MLS implemented this policy with a new Coming Soon status. ¬†This status, used when creating a listing, can be seen anywhere listings are displayed in, MySite, and¬ģ.

IRES MLS rules and regulations require a listing which is publicly marketed (as defined by NAR’s Policy 8.0) must be submitted to the MLS within 1 business day. ¬†The listing can be added as either an Active listing or a Coming Soon listing.

When selecting Coming Soon as the status, the listing will auto-update to an Active status on a date specified known as the Go Active Date.  This date is any time within 7 calendar days of entering the listing into the system.

These listings are searchable inside the system as well as through Prospects & MySite, and on¬ģ. ¬†Coming Soon listings do not syndicate to other listing sites until they convert to Active.

Coming Soon and Inventory Report & My Listings

  • Coming Soon listings are included in Inventory Reports and My Listings. ¬†It is visually represented with the color purple and abbreviated to CS.

Coming Soon and Listing Search

  • Coming Soon listings only apply to IRES MLS at this time. ¬†We do not capture Coming Soon listings for data share. ¬†¬†¬†This is available any place the Basic Criteria tab appears for a search (Listing Search, Prospects, Hotsheets, Inventory, and Stats-Custom).

Coming Soon and Listing Details

  • Easily identify the Go Active Date on Listing Details for My Listings, Cart Manager, Report Window, and MySite.

  • Showings cannot be scheduled while a listing is in Coming Soon status. ¬†¬†Showing instructions will not display until the listing is Active.

  • Open houses will only show on or after the Go Active Date.

Coming Soon and Prospects

  • Coming Soon listings are available for Prospect searches and will send to MySite. ¬†¬†¬†The status will need to be intentionally included in the search for Coming Soon listings to be sent to clients.

Coming Soon and Add/Edit Listings

  • When entering a listing for the first time, the Coming Soon status will be available for Residential Detached, Residential Attached, Vacant and Income properties.
  • Coming Soon listings are eligible to go directly to Active, Pending, Sold, or Withdrawn statuses. ¬†NOTE: ¬†Listings cannot revert back to a Coming Soon status. ¬†Use caution when withdrawing or manually activating Coming Soon listings. ¬†They cannot be Coming Soon again with the same office and same agent for 30 days.
  • While showing information is required when entering a Coming Soon listing, that information will not display until the listing is in an Active Status.
  • Open houses can only be scheduled after the Go Active Date.
  • Syndication options are required to be specified when entering a Coming Soon listing; however, the listing will not appear on the specified syndication sites until the listing is Active. ¬†Coming Soon listings will appear on¬ģ.

Coming Soon Resources:

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One thought on “Coming Soon Has Landed

  1. Seems like this would be a great time to use the “coming soon” for any upcoming listing that you don’t want us to show in the next 7 days. Has CAR considered this?

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