IRES MLS and “Coming Soon”

ComingSoonblogWith the passing of NAR MLS Clear Cooperation Policy (Statement 8.0),  IRES MLS has been busy creating a solution to make this a smooth transition for our subscribers.  We will be creating a new status:  Coming Soon.  Here you’ll find a collection of useful resources to help you adopt this new status into your daily business routine.

What: A new “Coming Soon” status will be added.

When? April 9, 2020. [Fines are effective June 1, 2020]

What else?  Coming Soon will be available to your clients via MySite and, if you so choose.  More details below…

Coming Soon-What You Need To Know

2 thoughts on “IRES MLS and “Coming Soon”

  1. The flowchart has a starting point that is confusing, it is labeled “Listing Agreement Signed” which indicates the start date is the date the Seller signs the listing contract. What should prevail is Section 3.7 “Listing Period” start date. A contract can have up to 3 dates: the date the broker drafted it; the date the listing period begins in Section 3.7, and the date the Seller signs it.

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