Government Affairs: Loveland

September 13, 2019

Council Approves New Centerra Residential Development

On an 8-1 vote, the Loveland City Council approved the service plan for the Kinston metropolitan districts on September 3. The development will include ten different metro districts east of I-25 and north of US 34 on 629 acres and will take 20-25 years to build out.

The metro district funding mechanism will pay for water, streets, sidewalks and stormwater infrastructure. When complete, the project will add 1,211 single-family homes priced from approximately $421,000 to $729,000 and roughly 1330 townhome or condominium units priced from $336,00 to $4,67,000.

During discussion with the City Council, the developer explained that this project couldn’t be financed without the metro district mechanism. He said traditional financing would add $50,000 in upfront costs to the price of each new home. Mayor Jacki Marsh voted against the service plan, saying the homebuyer disclosure forms required by the City “don’t go far enough.” City Council candidate Andrea Sansom spoke during the public hearing and requested a delay on the decision to allow for a community forum to address growth-related concerns.

West Boyd Metro Districts Approved

The City Council approved another metro district service plan on September 10. West Boyd Metropolitan Districts 1-3 are located on 67 acres southwest of the intersection of East Eisenhower Boulevard and North Boyd Lake Avenue. Build out will occur over five years.

The developer (McWhinney) plans to construct 61 attached single-family units with an average price of $295,000, 146 single-family units with an average price between $400,000 and $25,00 and 264 apartment or condominium units with an average price of $195,000. Metro district financing will fund streets, water, storm drainage and sidewalks.

The Council’s vote was predictable. Mayor Jacki Marsh voted against the service plan, saying she had a number of concerns that were not answered by the applicant.

LBAR Candidate Endorsements

The Loveland-Berthoud Association of REALTORS® is endorsing the following Loveland City Council candidates:

Mayor – Dave Clark
Dave has been endorsed by LBAR every time he has run, and this time is no exception. Dave believes the City’s responsibility is to help the housing market by controlling City regulations and fees. Dave is very involved in transportation, serving on the Metropolitan Planning Organization and the North I-25 Elected Officials Coalition. He is proud of the regional collaboration that has leveraged local contributions to fund I-25.

leveraged local contributions to fund I-25. In addition, Dave supports water storage projects and economic development.

Ward I – Rich Ball and Rob Malloy
Rich is a current member of Council and former REALTOR®. He doesn’t believe that the government should try and control free-market housing prices. He argues that City fees are high and affect affordability. Rich supports the two Community Improvement Project ballot questions that LBAR supports. He also supports water storage projects such as NISP and regional collaboration to fund transportation.

Rob does not support government mandates related to affordable housing. He has served on the Planning Commission for a number of years, so he is familiar with land use development policies. He argues the City must keep up with transportation needs to keep Loveland moving forward. He believes in planning for the future and supports new water storage projects to support growth.

Ward II – Nita Starr
Nita is a teacher who served on City Council in the past. She supports water storage projects like NISP and understands that water is a major factor in the rising cost of new development. She also supports fiscally responsible transportation partnerships that link the Front Range.

Ward III – John Fogle
John has earned LBAR’s support several times in the past. The Committee believes it is important to keep him on the City Council. He supports water storage and has been the primary proponent of creating a City-owned broadband utility to compete with the private sector. John has helped LBAR members navigate the City’s development system as they work to develop new residential housing.

Ward IV – Don Overcash
Don currently serves as Loveland’s Mayor Pro Tem. For four years he has pushed to find ways for the City to reduce the costs of building. He believes transportation is a core service provided by city government and has fought to expand I-25 and US 34. He argues Highway 402 is next on the list, which he says is extremely important for Loveland’s economic vitality.

LBAR Supports Community Improvement Ballot Questions

LBAR’s Board of Directors voted to support two sales and use tax ballot questions on August 28. The first question will ask voters to approve a new .2 percent sales and use tax to build a new recreation and senior citizen center. The rec center would cost a total of $61.7 million. The City has $8.2 million available in its capital plan. The new .2 percent sales tax funding would raise the remainder.

The second question will ask voters to approve a new .3 percent sales tax to fund seven other capital projects: a satellite library branch, two fire stations, the expansion of US 34, Taft Avenue improvements, the expansion of the Loveland Museum and recreation trail underpasses. These projects would cost $153 million; the City has $18.4 million set aside for them. If approved, the funding would raise the reminding funding needed.

These projects will improve the quality of life for current and future Loveland residents. It is LBAR’s belief that the projects include desirable amenities and will reduce traffic congestion and improve public safety.

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