Government Affairs: Fort Collins

September 13, 2019

City Clarifies STR Regulations in Multi-family Buildings

The Fort Collins City Council gave final approval to an ordinance amending the City’s short-term rental (STR) regulations. The ordinance makes it clear that short-term rentals are allowed only in R-1 multifamily buildings. The R-1 occupancy designation refers to hotel/motel buildings and not condominiums or apartments. Staff had recommended the clarification because of safety concerns related to fire and egress issues.

Ken Summers was the only Council member to vote against the ordinance. He argued the revisions were not minor and said the requirements would be expensive for R-1 property owners. Owners of short-term rentals in R-1 buildings will be required to have direct exits to the outside, adequate egress windows and adequate fire separation ratings. The rest of the Council voted in favor of the ordinance, with Mayor Wade Troxell saying he would support the changes with “consternation.”

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