Government Affairs: Loveland

July 25, 2019

Council gives Preliminary Approval for Ballot Measure

On July 16 The City Council passed an ordinance on first reading on a six to three vote, to add a half-cent ballot question to the November election. If the question is approved by the Council on second reading, which is scheduled for August 6, voters will decide if they will raise the City’s sales tax for 21 years to fund eight specific projects, a proposal known as the Community Improvement Program.

Councilmembers Dave Clark, Don Overcash and Steve Olson voted against the ordinance. They argued that the City should separate the projects, asking the voters to consider the infrastructure items (transportation projects for Eisenhower/US 34 and Taft Avenue, new or renovated fire stations and underpasses for the Loveland Recreational Trail) separately from non-essential items (a new rec center, a new library and expanding and remodeling the Loveland museum).

Read more about the Community Improvement Program here:

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