Government Affairs: Boulder County

July 12, 2019

Oil and Gas Moratorium

It didn’t take long for the County to change its mind about an oil and gas moratorium. In anticipation of a new drilling application from Crestone Peak Resources, last week the Boulder County Commissioners voted unanimously to adopt an emergency moratorium on processing applications from oil and gas operators.

“Oil and gas development is one of the biggest issues that we hear about from constituents,” Boulder County Commission chairwoman Elise Jones said. “I think it’s our duty and responsibility of commissioners to do everything we can to protect the health and safety of our residents and our environment.” No public comments were taken prior to the commission’s decision Friday. A public hearing is set for July 16.

Revisions to Short-Term Rental Regulations

Boulder County planning staff asked the Commissioners for approval to draft revisions to the County’s short-term rental (STR) regulations last week. The existing use provisions for STR were created in 2008, and staff said the use provisions need an update. They also referred to “consistent input from county residents (particularly in the mountain communities) that the existing regulations do not adequately address the impacts of STRs.” Staff will explore updating use provisions related to owner- occupancy, business registration, neighborhood compatibility, rental frequency, and preventative safety. In addition, the distinction between the Short-term Dwelling Rentals and Bed and Breakfast uses needs clarification.

In response to a question from Commissioner Deb Gardner, staff said the Housing element of the Comprehensive Plan will be presented in September and the STR revisions will be addressed after that.

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