Never Be Forgotten

Have you taken advantage of the ePropertyWatch™ service yet?

Provided to you FOR FREE with your IRES MLS subscription, ePropertyWatch helps you stay in touch with past clients until they are ready to sell, buy, or make a referral.

ePropertyWatch is a proven email and web service homeowners love.  The monthly report is full of information on their home and neighborhood, with up-to-date information on their home’s value, nearby listings and transactions, local trends, and more.

  • The service provides up-to-date home value and equity, nearby transactions, for-sale listings, and more for each of your contacts or customers
    • PRO TIP: Set up a report on your own home and experience the benefits your clients will!
  • You sponsor it—your photo and contact information are on every email and web page
  • Your clients don’t have to go looking elsewhere for the home and neighborhood real estate information they want—you give it to them personally, each and every month

Get started today!  You can always access ePropertyWatch on the Other Services dashboard or under the REPORTS menu. Once there, simply click on the logo to get started. 

We hope you enjoy this IRES subscriber benefit.

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