Share, Share, Everywhere Share!

Great news IRES subscribers!  We’ve made it even easier to send listings to your clients.

Share Listings to Social Media or Generate Listing Link to Quickly Text a Property to a Client!

Quickly send listings to Facebook and Twitter! AND–we’re really excited about this one– copy Listing Link.  Thanks to your feedback, we’ve added a general listing link which can be quickly created and easily shared to other places or via text to anyone!

You’ll have slightly different experience on Desktop vs IRESis Mobile.  Currently, social media and listing link are only available in My Listings while on Mobile, you can apply this to any listing or group of listings with the Send To menu.

phone with transparent screen (1)

Through My Listings on IRESis Desktop, share to social media or generate a Listing Link.


We made Instant Prospects Even Faster!  

Flight of the Space Rocket, Vector

Make sure your clients get listings within minutes of hitting the market.  Select “Instantly” when creating your Prospect Search.

We believe that IRES MLS notifications should be the first notifications your client receives.  You can be confident that Instant Prospects from IRES MLS will do just that!

Tailor Prospect Search Settings for Customized Notifications!

Prospect EmailsDo you want to curate listings for your clients and review properties first? Do you  “turn on the faucet” and let your clients see all properties first?  We have added a setting to make you happy happy happy!

Check out the new “Send Copy” settings inside Preferences.  You can tailor your Prospect settings specficially to your [and more importantly your client’s] needs.

You asked, we listened! All of these new enhancements are credited to our subscribers.  It’s our goal to make sure the system is efficiently working for you.  We love your feedback and look forward to more great ideas!


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