Government Affairs: Region

June 7, 2019

More Money for I-25

The Colorado Transportation Commission voted to preliminarily commit up to $310M in available funding to deliver the full and necessary funding to build the I-25 North Express Lanes between Fort Collins and Loveland.
The express lanes between SH 14 in Fort Collins to SH 402 south of Loveland are a part of the North I-25 Express Lanes: Johnstown to Fort Collins project and were originally slated as temporary infrastructure improvements. The new funds would provide the full funding to build the permanent infrastructure that will last 20-30 years versus the original 10-year plan. Thursday’s funding commitment saves the State $250M over the long-term.

The Fix North I-25 Business Alliance and North I-25 Coalition, organizations that represent the business community and local governments of the Northern Colorado region, have worked together to support and testified Thursday for the full funding of the permanent alignment.

“Northern Colorado business and government leaders were united in urging the Commission to approve the additional funding. This is a smart investment that will deliver significant returns on investment for the state and the region,” said Fix North I-25 Business Alliance lobbyist Sandra Hagen Solin. “The Commission’s decision yesterday reflects their ongoing commitment to the state’s infrastructure and its economic health. We are very grateful for the investment in Colorado’s future.”

About the I-25 North Express Lanes: Johnstown to Fort Collins Project:

  • A permanent third lane in both directions from SH 402 south of Loveland to SH 14 in Fort Collins
  • Replacement of aging bridges and widening of others
  • Improvement of bus service performance by adding new bus slip ramps
  • Creation of pedestrian and bicycle access under I-25 at Kendall Parkway
  • Connection of the Cache la Poudre River Regional Trail under I-25
  • The project is scheduled to be completed by early 2022.

Cities Approve Broadband Agreement

On June 4 the Fort Collins and Loveland city councils approved an intergovernmental agreement (IGA)to allow for the provision of broadband transport and upstream connectivity. Brieana Reed-Harmel, Loveland’s project manager, says partnering will help all three communities take advantage of economies of scale.

The IGA will allow the cities to share transport and upstream connectivity infrastructure to connect the cities’ networks to telecommunication hubs on the east and west coasts. The participants will split costs equally in the first year and refine the IGA over time as the communities gain experience.

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