Government Affairs: Fort Collins

June 7, 2019

Discussion on Council Priorities Postponed

The City Council was scheduled to review its list of priorities for the next two years in May, but that agenda item was postponed. According to a staff memo, affordable and achievable housing is on the list of priorities but is described as a topic that needs “clarification” before staff can move in specific policy directions.

Other priority issues include affordable and accessible childcare, undergrounding of electric infrastructure, mobile home park preservation and resident protections, and a variety of environmental issues such as reducing plastic pollution, protecting instream river flows, mitigating the impacts of oil and gas encroachment into the Growth Management Area and improved air quality. The discussion has been rescheduled for June 11.

Old Town Historic District?

According to the Coloradoan, homeowners in the Loomis Addition neighborhood of Old Town Fort Collins are advocating for the creation of a historic district. The area is bordered by Laporte Avenue and Whitcomb, Mulberry and Washington Streets. Supporters say it would protect the neighbor’s character and charm.

Historic Preservation regulations dictate how exterior walls, windows, outbuildings, etc. can be modified or repaired. Advocates intend to meet with other property owners to “build consensus,” but it is unknown if they plan to do this before submitting an application.

In order to be designated as a historic district, property owners in the neighborhood must file an application with the Historic Preservation Director.  Within 15 days of filing the application and receipt of a survey, staff determines eligibility. Then staff creates an official notice of the intent to designate the district and posts signs with a notice concerning a public hearing on the issue. Property owners who wish to appeal the designation have 14 days to do so. A historic district designation requires approval by both the Landmark Preservation Commission and the City Council.

Note: Properties located within such a district that are not historic, can be exempt from relevant requirements.


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