Government Affairs: Boulder County

June 7, 2019


No Oil and Gas Moratorium – For Now

On June 4, the Boulder County Board of Commissioners directed staff to work on amendments to the Land Use Code pertaining to oil and gas development following the passage of Senate Bill 181 earlier this year. All three commissioners praised the bill, with Commissioner Matt Jones saying, “we will use the safeguards afforded us under SB-181 to ensure the public safety, health, and welfare of our community and the environment to the fullest extent of the law.”

The County does not have any pending oil and gas applications in unincorporated areas though, so the likelihood of the Commissioners implementing a new drilling moratorium while staff revisit the County’s regulations is unlikely. The Chair of the Board, Elise Jones said, ““It’s clear that we would have ample time to enact a moratorium if we need to, should any operator step forward to apply for a permit while we work to update our rules and regulations aimed at further protecting our residents from oil and gas development, we will set a moratorium hearing for that purpose.”



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