3 Reasons SentriLock Benefits You

SentriLock is a technology-forward electronic lockbox manufacturer.  Brokers, like you, are the focus of their development.  SentriLock lockboxes help make your showings safer, smarter, and more professional.


spy graphicSafety is important when it comes to accessing a home.  Lockboxes are your last line of defense for showings security; electronic lockboxes are more secure than mechanical ones.  SentriLock has many safety features focusing on clients, agents, and lockboxes, below are just a few of these features.

  • View the Lockbox Access Log to know who has accessed the property, when & for how long
  • Instant Showing Notifications will inform you when a lockbox has been accessed via text message
  • Agent Safety feature on the SentriSmart™ app automatically alerts your designated emergency contacts when you cannot confirm you are safe



Technology and real estate strategies have advanced and SentriLock has kept pace. Selling a home using strategies from the era around the first moon landing are long gone.

  • Use your smartphone or tablet to open lockboxes using the FREE SentriSmart™ app
  • Access the SentriLock Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox using the app, even out of cell range
  • You can use Touch ID and facial recognition in place of your PIN
  • Homeowners can add “Do Not Disturb” times to avoid inconvenient time frames


professionalYou want to put your best foot forward in your business. With SentriLock, you can do just that, presenting a professional image that lets your clients know that protecting their home, is your #1 priority.

  • Manage your lockboxes using the SentriSmart™ app
  • Create One Day Codes for non-SentriLock users including: appraisers, contractors, and the homeowner
  • Differentiate yourself during listing presentations by telling clients about SentriLock’s safe and secure system (They will never go back to mechanical boxes!)



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