Government Affairs: Larmer County

April 10, 2019

Changes Proposed for Short Term Rentals

Larimer County is proposing changes to its short-term rental (STR) regulations. Currently, short-term rentals are only allowed in certain zones (farming, forestry, open and accommodations). The revised rules would also allow STRs in residential zoning districts. This means that STRs would be allowed in most of the County.

The current approval process is expensive and time-consuming. The County is planning two different processes depending on size. The process for smaller STRs (10 or more occupants) would take up to 60 days, cost $700 and would require administrative approval. Larger STRs (more than 10 occupants) would require a longer, more expensive process and would require approval by the Board of County Commissioners.

The proposed Land Use Code standards for STRs are similar to those in place for most municipal jurisdictions. The County intends to require a property manager “within one hour or less travel distance” from an occupied STR. The unit must pass a life and safety inspection. Large STRs would also require a fire sprinkler system.

The County anticipates adopting the STR regulations this spring or summer. Principal Planner Matt Lafferty says the County anticipates a large number of new permits (possibly as many as 400 outside the Estes Valley), so the regulations will be phased in to incentivize compliance. For more information contact Matt Lafferty (970) 498-7721 or


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