Government Affairs: Estes Park

April 10, 2019

Group Attempts Recall

A group of citizens in Estes Park began a signature drive in February in an attempt to force a recall election for Mayor Todd Jirsa and Mayor Pro Tem Cody Walker. The group is angry about the approval of the “mountain coaster” in a rural residential zone last year. That approval was made possible by a 2017 zoning code change. The code revision had the unintended consequence of making commercial activities permissible in areas beyond the downtown core. According to the Coloradoan, the Estes Park Recall Group (EPRG) says, the code change “created a negative impact on property rights in all residential zones.”

The group claims the public has lost confidence in Jirsa and Walker, prompting the recall effort. EPRG has one more week to gather enough valid signatures to force a recall election.

In the meantime, the Estes Park Board of Trustees is scheduled to vote on an amendment to rectify the zoning snafu on April 9. The amendment will clarify that commercial businesses are not legal in residential areas without a change in zoning.

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