Government Affairs: State

March 26, 2019

Legislative Update

On March 25 CAR’s Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) held its most recent meeting. Here’s an update on bills of interest and new bills on which the LPC took positions.

HB-1118 “Time Period to Cure Lease Violation” CAR Position – Oppose
Scheduled for Senate Business, Labor and Technology Committee, April 1.

HB-1170 “Residential Tenants Health and Safety Act” CAR Position – Oppose
Passed Senate on 3rd reading March 25.

HB-1212 “Recreate Homeowners’ Association Community Manager Licensing” CAR Position – Neutral
Scheduled for a hearing in Transportation & Local Government, March 26.

SB-181 “Protect Public Welfare Oil and Gas Operations” CAR Position – Oppose
Passed on a party-line vote by the House Finance Committee on March 25.

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