Government Affairs: Greeley




March 11, 2019

Commission Passes Historic Preservation Regulations

On Monday, March 4 the Greeley Historic Preservation Commission unanimously approved a new chapter to Greeley’s development code which would replace the existing historic preservation ordinance. Brad Inhulsen testified at the hearing on behalf Greeley Area REALTOR® Association, asking the HPC to clarify vague definitions, ensure timely mandatory building permit reviews for all homes 40 years old and require a supermajority vote by the City Council to designate a property as historic over a property owner’s objections.

The City’s historic preservation specialist, Betsy Kellums, says the City has not designated any property as historic over an owner’s objection to date but said non-owner designation is an important safeguard that would only apply to properties of “extreme significance.” The City Council will consider the proposed historic preservation chapter on March 19 and April 2.

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