March 11, 2019

Legislative Update

CAR’s Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) held its latest meeting on March 1.
HB-1212 “Recreate Homeowners’ Association Community Manager Licensing” CAR Position – Neutral
This is very similar to a bill introduced in 2018. It would recreate the CAM licensing program and extend it through 2024. It would create a 7-person advisory committee (with no enforcement or disciplinary role), clarify the circumstances that require direct supervision of apprentices and clarify functions that can be delegated to unlicensed staff.

HB-1199 “Colorado Clean Pass Act” CAR Position – Neutral
This bill would allow a certain number of electric vehicles to access express lanes for free and utilize toll lanes at a reduced rate. Note: Colorado already has a problem funding transportation and electric cars do not contribute to the State’s revenue because they do not pay a gas tax, the primary means of funding our state highways.

CAR maintains its opposition to HB-1118 “Time Period to Cure Lease Violation and HB-1170 “Residential Tenants Health and Safety Act.” Both of these bills would negatively impact owners of income property.

SB-181 “Protect Public Welfare Oil and Gas Operations” CAR does not have a position on this bill yet because of the date it was introduced. More information on the bill is available, below.

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