Government Affairs Update: Greeley

February 20, 2019

Council to Approve Housing Plan

Tonight, February 19, the City Council is poised to approve the Greeley Strategic Housing Plan (GSHP). Housing was identified as a key component of Imagine Greeley, the City’s comprehensive plan, which was adopted in 2018. A housing task force was convened to work with staff on the GHSP. It included three REALTORS® as well as other representatives from industries related to housing and development.

The GSHP sets a 5-year housing target of 2,042 multi-family and 3,515 single family units by 2024. It outlines nine strategic initiatives intended to help Greeley meet these goals. Unlike many communities, Greeley’s plan is intended to create housing at different price points and encourage new types of housing as well, not simply “affordable housing.”

For example, the GSHP suggests that portions of the City have zoning that does not reflect existing land uses, recent development trends or land uses recommended in the Imagine Greeley Land Use Guidance map. It suggests that adopting zoning that better reflects Imagine Greeley goals, “the City can reduce unnecessary burdens and costs on housing providers.” Another interesting idea relates to raw water cost. The GSHP refers to the City’s “Water Smart Neighborhoods” pilot program, in which developers have the option to propose a Water Smart development that uses less water, for landscaping and through the use of water efficient fixtures. This program could reduce the cost of providing water for developers, who turn, could sell homes for lower prices to home buyers.

There’s a lot for REALTORS® to like in this plan. It will require additional legislation to implement many of the strategies but almost all of them would be in the form of incentives. It will take time for staff to draft new ordinances for City Council review, however, in order to hit the plan’s five-year housing target, the City will have to move quickly.

Undoubtedly, the City will post the GSHP on its website once it’s adopted. In the meantime, a summary of the plan’s initiatives is available here:

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