Government Affairs Update: Boulder


February 19, 2019

Council Revises STR Regulations

Boulder’s City Council approved changes to the City’s short-term rental (STR) ordinance. According to staff, there are currently an astounding 891 short-term rental licenses in Boulder with an additional 250 new applications submitted every year. Short-term rentals have been regulated in Boulder since 2015.

The revisions will require landlords to certify they live in the property at least six months of the year on an annual basis. Currently, landlords have to undergo the certification process every four years. Owners will also pay a $20 fee to fund the cost of processing and enforcing the annual certification.

The intent of the is to reduce the number of absentee landlords who violate Boulder’s regulations by renting units that are not their primary residence. The annual certification will “regularly and frequently remind owners of the (primary residency) requirement.” The ordinance will require an additional public hearing because the Council decided to reduce the amount of the annual fee from $47 as recommended by staff to $20.

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