Government Affairs Update: Windsor




February 7, 2019

Water Rates Going Up

Windsor is one of the most rapidly growing towns in Northern Colorado. However, the town only owns 4,100 acre-feet of water via shares in the Northern Poudre Irrigation Company and the Colorado Big Thompson Project. Windsor hopes to add 15,800 additional acre-feet of water through its participation in new water storage projects such as NISP (Northern Integrated Supply Project). However, participation comes at a price.

Recently, Windsor’s Town board finalized its decision to increase water rates by 9.5 percent to pay for the acquisition and development of NISP as well as the operation and maintenance of its current system. Finance Director Dean Mayor said the rate increases were developed with the help of a consultant and will go into effect in March. Mayor Kristie Melendez said the decision wasn’t made easily but that it was something the town should’ve addressed ten years ago.

Note: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is scheduled to release its final opinion on NISP later this year. However, even if the Corps approves the project it will face opposition by Save the Poudre and other environmental groups determined to prevent the project or at least slow it down. Opposition has already resulted in increasing the construction price by millions of dollars. Learn more about NISP here:

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