Government Affairs Update: Colorado




February 7, 2019

Legislative Update

At its most recent meeting, CAR’s Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) learned that the Speaker of the House, Boulder’s KC Becker, told members of her party that she will not support any rent control bills this year. CAR lobbyists said she is getting heat from her fellow Democrats regarding bills to increase renters’ rights.

HB-1167 “Remote Notaries Protect Privacy” CAR Position – Support
CAR lobbyists have worked diligently to promote the privacy of consumer data in any transaction using remote notary technology. This is basically CAR’s bill, and the first remote notary bill the LPC has supported. Learn more here:

SB-84 “Revised Uniform Law Remote Notarization” CAR Position – Oppose
CAR opposed this bill because it did not protect consumer data. It was postponed indefinitely, e.g., “killed” in the committee where bills are sent to die, the Senate State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee on January 30.

HB-1106 “Rental Application Fees” CAR Position – Oppose
The bill states that a landlord may not charge a prospective tenant a rental application fee unless the landlord uses the entire amount of the fee to cover the landlord’s costs in processing the rental application. It was passed by the House Business Affairs and Labor Committee on February 5 and will be considered by the “Committee of the Whole,” i.e., the House of Representatives on Monday, February 11.

HB-1141 “Preserve Senior and Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption” CAR Position – Monitor
The LPC is waiting to review the fiscal note on this bill, which will analyze the impact of the legislation on the State budget.

HB-1118 “Time Period to Cure Lease Violation” CAR Position – Neutral
Originally, this bill would have increased the time for a tenant to “cure a violate” for unpaid rent or other conditions of a lease agreement from thee to 14 days. However, it has been modified to exempt single-family homes and CAR has modified its position.

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