Government Affairs Update: Loveland

January 11, 2019

Local Sales Tax Measure In 2019

The Loveland City Council, city staff and a citizen task force have resumed conversations about putting a .5 percent city sales tax increase on the ballot in November. The City Council discussed the topic at work session on Tuesday and will devote part of its all-day retreat to the issue on January 26.

The list of projects has not been finalized but so far nine proposed projects have been discussed: two fire station renovations, an 80,000-square-foot community recreation center in northwest Loveland, a 26,000-square-foot expansion and remodel of the museum; a second library branch, completing congestion improvements to U.S. 34, projects on Taft Avenue, eight new recreation trail underpasses; and the renovation of Pulliam Community Building.

These projects alone would cost approximately $131.6 million in total, plus $24.5 million in operations and maintenance. Most projects were part of the city’s long-term capital plan but were added to the list because they had been identified as community needs, according to Loveland Public Library Director Diane Lapierre. Lapierre, along with Public Works Director Marc Jackson and Alan Krcmarik, Acting Finance Director, are the lead staff members charged with coordinating the citizen task force.

The City Council has no consensus on this issue and made no final decisions Tuesday night. Moving forward it will be interesting to see if the Council moves forward with the initiative and if so, how it will determine the final list of potential projects.


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