Government Affairs Update: Fort Collins

January 11, 2019


Council Will Fill District One Vacancy

Interestingly, the November election’s blue wave has had a domino effect in Fort Collins. John Kefalas resigned his Senate seat after being elected to the Larimer County Board of Commissioners. This, in turn, led to the appointment of Representative Joann Ginal to replace Kefalas in the Senate. That created a vacancy in the House and Cathy Kipp was appointed to serve as Ginal’s replacement in the House of Representatives.

Bob Overbeck was sworn in as Larimer County Assessor on Tuesday, January 8 and the Fort Collins City Council is preparing to select someone to serve as Overbeck’s short-term replacement representing District One. There are nine people vying for Overbeck’s seat but only two of them have declared for the April 2 election – Susan Gutowsky, who currently serves on the Poudre School District Board of Education and Joe Somodi, who owns a yoga studio.

Will the City Council choose one of these two candidates, presumably giving them an edge in the April election, or choose someone who is only interested in serving short-term? We’ll find out on January 15 when the Council makes its decision.

Note: More information on the April election will be provided later. Candidate petitions are due February 12 and there are 11 candidates so far and more will join the fray before the deadline.

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