New Hotsheet Summary on IRESis

Quickly get a market snapshot of your preferred market area with the new Hotsheet Summary! Fully integrated with your Saved Hotsheets, this summary provides a visual, real-time display of listing activity for a specific Market Area, Listing Type, and Reporting Period.

Located on the right side of the Start Screen, Hotsheet Summary provides a real-time view of listing activity for a specific Market Area, Listing Type, and Reporting Period.

Listing Activity includes

  • New
  • Price Change
  • Back On Market
  • Under Contract NOTE: This count includes Active/Backup, Active/First Right, and Pending statuses
  • Sold
  • Off Market NOTE: This count includes Withdrawn and Expired statuses

Listing Activity is displayed by listing count within bubbles.  Click on the bubble to open up the Report Window to quickly view, email, and send listings to MySite.

Define Market Area, Listing Type, and Reporting Period within Hotsheet Summary Settings.

Market Area:  Select My Office, My Company (if applicable), up to 10 Zip Codes, or a saved Hotsheet.

–If you don’t have a Saved Hotsheet, the default market area will be the Zip Code for your office.

–When choosing a Saved Hotsheet, only Reporting Period can be selected.  Listing Type is predefined within the Saved Hotsheet.

Listing Type:  Select any property listing type.

–Listing Type is not changeable within Hotsheet Summary Settings when selecting a Saved Hotsheet.  To change Listing Type for the Saved Hotsheet, go to Hotsheets.

Reporting Period:  Select the time back in which to search (past 24 hours, 3 days back, 7 days back, 10 days back, and 14 days back)

Save a Hotsheet search for subdivisions, map search, and more!

To learn more about Hotsheet Summary, please visit Getting Started within IRESis Help.

3 thoughts on “New Hotsheet Summary on IRESis

    1. Hi James! JP here. I’m the Product Manager for IRES MLS. These are very intriguing ideas! We can’t do this now, specifically with the Hotsheet Summary tool, but there are “widgets” available through MarketStats which does allow you to give snapshots on activity in a given market. We’ll reach out to you and discuss this further. Thanks so much for reaching out!

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