Governmental Affairs Local Update Greeley, Weld County: Hwy 34 Study Update

Weld County

Highway 34 Study Update

Recently, the City Council received an update concerning the Highway 34 Planning and Environmental Linkage Study (PEL). In the short term the City plans to do intersection improvements on the north side of 65th Avenue to improve congestion. Turning lanes are needed and the frontage road needs to be moved back to allow for more stacking at the intersection. This project has funding in the current budget and plans are to finish design in 2018 and move to construction in 2019.

While one recommendation in the PEL is an interchange of some kind at 65th Avenue and/or 75th Avenue, it is likely several decades away based on the other priorities that are ahead of it and a limited budget. More specifically, due to current and projected congestion and volumes at the intersections of HWY 34 and 35th, 47th and 83rd, staff feels that these take priority over a long-term solution at 65th/71st. A resolution supporting the PEL will be presented for the Council’s consideration by the end of October.

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