Colorado State Government Affairs Update: Two Transportation Ballot Measures Make Ballot

State of Colorado

Two Transportation Ballot Measures Make Ballot

Voters will see two state transportation measures on the November ballot. Initiative 153, “Let’s Go, Colorado” would raise the state sales tax by about 6 cents on a $10 purchase, effective Jan. 1, to finance bonds for up to $6 billion for road and highway improvements and transit projects. Initiative 153 is supported by the Denver Metro Chamber, Club 20, the Colorado Association of REALTORS® and the Colorado Contractors Association, among others.

Initiative 167, dubbed “Fix Our Damn Roads” is backed by the Independence Institute and would allow the State to bond $3.5 million for transportation. It would require the legislature to figure out how to finance the bond interest payments using general fund dollars.

More information about these two measures and how they compare, will be provided before the election.

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