Longmont: New Development Code Passes First Reading

The long-anticipated new development code passed first reading on July 24 without amendments. The ordinance is scheduled for a public hearing on August 14. The new code aligns with Envision Longmont, the comprehensive plan adopted last year. The City’s zoning districts were substantially revised to match the land use categories in the comp plan, with more emphasis on mixed-use zoning than the “old” code.

Staff feels the new language provides more flexibility for innovative development but still protects existing stable neighborhoods. One of the more controversial aspects is the inclusion of new “transition” zones between commercial and residential areas, especially near the downtown core. In these transition zones, new building heights will be limited to 35 feet at the recommendation of Councilmember Aren Rodriguez, who came up with a proposal to measure residential buildings adjacent to transition areas and limit commercial building heights based on the height of those nearby homes.

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