Greeley: Water Board Approves Cash-In-Lieu Resolution

On July 18 the Greeley Water & Sewer Board approved a new water policy that should make Greeley a more affordable place to build homes. The City’s previous raw water policy required developers to acquire water at a rate of $35,000 per acre-foot of Colorado/Big Thompson units for new developments. Under the new policy, developers will pay cash-in-lieu at a rate of $29,000 per acre-foot.

A City consultant said, “the proposed new method for establishing the cash-in-lieu charge, and the proposed value of that charge, are more consistent with the actual costs of serving new development, – particularly since Greeley is not in a position to purchase new C-BT units on its own.” The approval of the resolution follows the consultant’s recommendations to move to a system that relies primarily on cash payments from developers rather than water rights dedication.

Given the relatively high cost of obtaining water service in Greeley, this reduction may be helpful from the standpoint of regional competitiveness. Community Development Director Brad Mueller said the new policy will allow developers to pay for the water when building permits are issued, rather than when a project is platted, which will also save developers money.

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