Fort Collins: Council Reviews CityPlan Scenarios

Head planner Cameron Gloss presented three alternative development scenarios in conjunction with the update to CityPlan, Fort Collins comprehensive plan. He summarized residents’ values saying livability, sustainability and community are the three ideals the community has said it values the most. Gloss also said the number one issue facing the community is attainable housing. Residents want affordable housing and options for CSU students. The second highest priorities for residents is multi-modal transportation

The first scenario is “status quo.” This would be the continuation of established policies and plans with a focus on lower density patterns. The second scenario would require “modest” increases in the City’s budget with a focus on more density and intensity on key corridors with more investment in transportation. One example Gloss cited was the addition of a bus rapid transit (BRT) route on North College. The third scenario would require more financial support and increased density and intensity, with regional transit connections and more investment in key service corridors such as Harmony and Mulberry.

In general, the Council liked the innovative way staff is approaching the CityPlan update and the three scenarios. Kristin Stephens asked if the scenarios could be combined and Gloss said, yes, the scenarios are not necessarily mutually exclusive. As usual, Councilmembers Cunniff and Overbeck suggested that staff need to create additional methods of engaging the public, especially for neighbors who would be affected by increased density included in scenarios two and three. The City has created a special website page for the CityPlan update,, where residents can get information and sign up for updates.

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